Van Phat Riverside Restaurant “Experience the culinary space along the Hau River”

Located along Hau river with a length of over 200 m. Tourists often tell each other that “Anyone who once came to Con Khuong peninsula but did not experience the food along the Van Phat River is considered to have not come to Con Khuong”. What could be more wonderful than just being able to enjoy the specialties of Tay Do with your friends and loved ones at affordable prices while enjoying the natural atmosphere with the wind of the river Late cool, fresh.

With a spacious and airy space, Van Phat Restaurant’s campus including A la carte, marina and children’s play area are connected together to create the most comfortable and comfortable feeling for customers.

Khu vực A la carte nằm dọc bên sông Hậu với chiều dài hơn 200m

When coming to Van Phat, customers will have the opportunity to enjoy more than 200 diverse and rich dishes of many famous cuisines in the world with styles from Europe to Asia, by the chefs with many years of experience. in processing industry.

Bò Fuji nướng bàn ủi

The strength of the restaurant is the Western specialties such as: hotpot sauce, crab hotpot, chicken nursery, fish sauce, alcohol khương … with the fresh ingredients of the delta. Every dish at Van Phat when being delivered to customers is not only the quintessence of cuisine but also contains in it “the spirit of the countryside and the soul of the nation”.



Van Phat Restaurant is also famous near and far with the marina which is loved by many young people and often “check in” on social networking sites. What could be more wonderful than sitting on a yacht strolling down the Hau River and enjoying delicious food with “half of love”.


Khách hàng trải nghiệm không gian ẩm thực vô cùng lãng mạn trên du thuyền

Và cùng nhau lưu giữ những bức ảnh kỉ niệm


With many years of service experience in the field of restaurants and hotels, Van Phat Riverside is always proud of a team of passionate, dedicated employees who will surely bring customers new culinary experiences. and attractive.

Hurry up and book a table at Van Phat restaurant to enjoy the culinary moments with your loved ones!

Van Phat Riverside – Restaurant along the Hau River, affordable, eat once you want to eat again!

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